Lafourcade Avocats French lawyers – London

Lafourcade Avocats is a French law firm member of the Paris Bar. Lafourcade Avocats is managed by Benoit Lafourcade, French lawyer member of the Paris Bar since 2001 and Solicitor of England & Wales (Member of the Law Society, non practising in the UK).

To get closer to its British clients, Lafourcade Avocats opened in 2013 a representative office in London.

The representative office carries out non-operational activities including consultation, liaison and market investigation:

  • Provide information to clients and prospects
  • Maintain contacts between UK-based clients, prospects and Paris office
  • Consultation, liaison and market investigation in the English market
  • Providing market information, consultation and liaison to British industries willing to establish business relationships in France
  • Developing correspondent relationship for Trade facilitation between France and the UK
  • Assisting French and British entrepreneurs in setting up offices and Joint Ventures in France and UK respectively
  • Providing information support to British business entrepreneurs to set up business relationships with French counterparts.

Our firm does not advise under English law but only French law.   We rely on a network of local Solicitors, and will advise the most tailored firm to your needs.